Mesin Pembuat Kemasan Otomatis Produk Cairan & Pasta Model : PL-S-50Y
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Automatic Liquid / Pasta Packing Machine

1. Technician Parameter
Model: Pl_50Y
Filling Type: Dosage Pump
Bag Type: Three Or Four Side Sachets Or Square Sachets
Volume: 0-50Ml
Bag Size: Length 40-150Mm; Width: 15-100Mm
Speed: Max. Speed: 75Bags
Control System: Single Chip Control / Mitsubishi Plc Control System
Display: English Panel
Dimensions: L800xw700xh1600mm.

2. Features
1) The Raw Material Of The Products Adopts Stainless Steel Or Steel + Painting.
2) Mitsubishi Plc Control System
3) English Panel
4) Noiseless Stepping Motor To Improve Steady Working Condition And Decrease Vibrator And Noise.
5) Can Get A Perfect Pictures When The Packing Material With Color Code.
6) This Machine Is Easy To Operate And Maintain.
7) This Machine Can Finish Pulling, Forming, Fulfilling, Measuring, Sealing, Cutting, Counting, Code Dated Printing, And Conveying Bags Automatically.

3. Applications
This Machine Is Widely Used In Food, Medicine, Daily Consumable, Pesticide And Some Other Special Industry, And Suitable To Pack Various Kinds Of Liquid, Pasta, Such As Shampoo, Fat, Pesticide, Cosmetic, Tomato Sauces And Etc.


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