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Performa Utama dan Fitur :

1, Double transducer control, flexible bag length cutting, operator need not to adjust, humanized operation automatically prompts, saving time and film; 

2, the control circuit adopts imported chip, HMI, inverter control, convenient parameter setting, the operation focused on intuitive and full realization of humane automatic operation control; 3, digital fault self-diagnosis function, fault diagnosis at a glance; 

4, packing speed and length of bag dual frequency conversion control, digital input cut position, sealing and cutting precise location, beautiful, strong; 

5, high sense photocell accurately track; 

6, Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or cutting, or wasting film; 

7, double-conversion simple mechanical structure, less wear, easy maintenance, long life; 

8, the sealing temperature, PID control for a variety of packaging materials; 

9, all controlled by the software can be installed intermittent pneumatic devices and alcohol spray device, real-time adjustments to achieve functional and technical upgrading never backward. 

Spesifikasi mesin :

Name          Automatic Candy Packing Machine

Model         PLZB-250S (three cutter)

L   50—115mm

Bag size W   30—80mm

H   5—35mm

Film width    90--180mm

Capacity      60—200bag/min

Motor power   0.6Kw.

Heater power  2.1Kw.

Voltage       AC220V, 50Hz.

G.W.          700Kg.

Dimension     L3770*W670*H1450mm

the scope for biscuit, moon cake, candy, small French bread, chocolate,


insulating tape, paper towels, cartoons, mosquito coils, dates and other solid rules of product


Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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