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Detektor Logam Untuk Produk Garments
Detektor Logam Untuk Produk Garments
Detektor Logam Untuk Produk Garments
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Jual Detektor Logam Untuk Produk Garments

Spesifikasi Detektor Logam Untuk Produk Garments

【Range of Application】

It can be used to detect underwear, shirts, knitted sweaters, down and feather garments,
shoes,scoks, beddings as well as plush medium and small toys.

【Main features】

1. Cycled,9 pairs of sensor, excellent anti-disturbance performance.

2. Based on LED bar displayed control panel.

3. Smart counter.

4.. Hi accuracy detection locating technology, LED indication. 5..Support print function, it able
to print out the daily inspection data

6. Alarm functions can be divided into three types, saying sound, lamplight and frequency display.
7.Optional conveying mode after alarm ;Optional automatical restart.

8..Reliability mechanical frame design, Hi stable during detection. 9.Designed for universal AC
power supply, switch power supply.


▲ Model: JC-600

▲ Detection method: Magnetic induction

▲ Detection adjustment: 10step

▲ Detection width: 600mm

▲ Detection height: 550mm

▲ Detection sensitivity: Fe or steel  ≧3.0mm (test by metal test card on conveyor belt only)

▲ Detection application:  to check out    metal such M8 nut, blade,clip,cutter

▲ Alarm method: Buzzer, Lamp/Belt stop or return(by customer optional)

▲ Belt speed: 32m/min(50HZ)

▲ Power source: AC200-240V 50-60HZ

▲ Rated output: Appr140W

▲ Weight: Appr350Kg

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